Trigger point dry needling

Dry needling in Okeechobee FL

Trigger point dry needling uses fine filament acupuncture needles to deactivate painful knotted hyper-irritated points in muscles and connective tissues. These particular large gaged needles spread tissue painlessly and are unlike small gaged hyperdermic needles that pierce tissue resulting in damage to the area involved. Trigger point restrictions in our muscular/fascial layer are treated in this way by inserting a small diameter needle directly into the hyperirritable locus eliciting a brief contraction or local twitch response followed by an immediate sedating of the muscle. In some cases where the trigger point has been continuously active for long periods of time, a pistoning technique is applied to manipulate the needle at different angles of the trigger point. In addition, an electrical muscle stimulator can be used on the inserted needle to allow for deep tissue pacification. The sedated muscle relieves the connective tissue restriction to allow proper muscular and fascial glide with associated increased range of motion of the effective joints. With normal joint and connective tissue biomechanics restored associated pain is eliminated.

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